Content Management

When Datarays creates websites for its clients we typically suggest a content management system such as WordPress or Drupal, however we are CMS agnostic. A CMS provides an easy way to maintain and update a site while also giving a solid framework for building out the site. With the latest advancements in Content Management Systems you can build any type of site, whether a blog, eCommerce store, or a user-generated content site. Datarays uses WordPress as our main CMS.

Datarays works on evaluating its client’s needs and functionalities before chosing the right CMS system.

Open Source CMS vs Proprietary CMS

Datarays also offers its own proprietary CMS that we built from ground up. Although we believe and trust in Open Source CMS, we prefered to have our own proprietary CMS to offer our clients a wider choice and more customized functionality.


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